Bed bugs can be described as little insects that depend completely on blood from animals. They have a flat body and their color is mainly brownish unless they have actually fed excessive blood to turn reddish brown. 

Bed bug invasion is significantly becoming a major concern in today’s hotels and houses. Bed bugs are common in homes, schools, houses, hotels, shelters as well as healthcare facilities.

Apart from feeding upon human beings, these pests can also feed upon warm blooded animals such as pet dogs, rodents and cats. The effects of having these pests in the house are too damning to fathom. When the victim is asleep, they bite at night especially.

Nevertheless, depending on their appetite, bed bugs can also feed and bite you throughout the day. They target the skin, pierce it and withdraw blood. The biggest downside is that these bites are painless and this makes it tough to understand till it is late.

After being bitten by bed bugs, there are certain signs that a person can experience however this mostly depends upon individuals. Majority of the victims do not react right away. This is a clear indicator that bed bug infestation can go on for a very long time without being observed.

Maybe the most significant concern that numerous homeowners ask themselves is whether bed bugs can send diseases. According to data and researches conduced, these pests can just harbor pathogens but there has actually been no prove to establish if they transfer the pathogens to human beings. However, their bites can cause swellings and itching.

Even if they do not transmit illness, they trigger pain, sleeplessness and shame.

If you suspect you have bed bugs at home, it is advisable to recognize them, their shed skins or even the fecal spots. If you are uncertain of the procedure, the services of a professional will be available in helpful.

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