While bees may make honey and are crucial for pollination, they can be a terrible pest if they make a home in your compound. Very few species of bees are solitary. Most of them including bumble bees and honey bees are social insects and will therefore be found in a colony. Regardless of their social structures, if they sense that they are about to be attacked, bees can become quite aggressive and may respond by stinging.

Bees will usually nest either within your house or any building structure around your home like a shed. They may also nest in a hollow tree around your home. When they nest inside your home, it can be dangerous to try and remove their nest especially without professional experience and even with professional experience, it may take several weeks to trap and remove the hive as well as get rid of the entire colony.

Naturally bees will not cause structural damage to your home but if they are allowed to nest for a long period of time, they can cause damage to your home. The type of damage will depend on the type of bees. However most of it will probably be cosmetic damage but if not controlled it may progress to structural damage of the house.

Bees can be dangerous and their sting can be painful or even life threatening. If you threaten the hive in any way, the result may be mass stinging from the worker bees who will diligently do anything to protect their colony. For this reason, the best way to get rid of bees is by enlisting the services of professional bee exterminators. Enlisting services of professionals will not only be safer, but it will also save you time and energy.

It is also necessary to get professional services whenever bees are involved because different types of bees have different elimination strategies. Professionals in the pest control business will be able to identify the type of bee and the correct elimination procedure in order to get rid of the bees as swiftly as possible.