Flea Pest Control Services

What Are Fleas? And Are They Harmful?

Fleas are small jumping wingless external insects that grow and develop in warm and moist places. They are dangerous for both humans and pets. They feed from the blood of birds and mammals. The bite can cause infectious diseases transmitted from the bite.

There are various types of fleas such as:

  • Dog Fleas
  • Cat Fleas
  • Human Fleas
  • Moorhen Fleas
  • Northern Rat Fleas
  • Oriental Rat Fleas

Are Fleas Harmful?

Yes. They also can be treated, don’t panic and don’t scratch the bite and consult your doctor. Fleabites are harmful to both humans and pets, The bites on humans, usually come from dog fleas, cat fleas and human fleas. The bite usually consists of a large bunch or group that can be very itchy and irritating. For those with sensitive skin, the large bunch can trigger to irritating hives that looks like a massive number of bumps or bubbles to the affected area.

After enduring a bite, it is likely that allergic symptoms could trigger and the bite could be infected with infectious transmitted diseases, which are sometimes activated further by scratching and irritating the affected area. Scratching the affected area is a dangerous issue, as massive bacteria can be hidden under the fingernails that can cause further infections to the open wound.

Who knew that fleas could be harmful and sometimes transmit the most infectious diseases. One of the most dangerous fleas is the Cat Flea. The cat fleas are often attracted to smaller or younger animals; but are not very choosy or meticulous when choosing its prey. It has been documented, that Cat Fleas have even affected and killed dairy calves from massive infestation. The following conditions may include:

  • Flea allergic inflammation of the skin
  • Flea anemia
  • Catlike infectious anemia
  • Cat scratch Fever
  • Common tapeworm infection
  • If your pet endures fleas, you should contact your pets doctor to have your pet evaluated and treated.

What Do I Do If I Have Fleas

If you endure fleas in your home or business, the first thing to do is contact your local Pest Control and your local physician to make sure you have not been bitten. Your physician shall evaluate you and provide you with the best care possible. It is better to grasp the issue while it is a little problem before it turns into a bigger problem. Pest Control will diagnose and apply the best service to remove and eliminate those irritating fleas. In addition, female fleas can produce 20 eggs at once. So contacting someone who specializes in this field, such as Pest control should be your first option. The experts will come in evaluate and eliminate the fleas as well as the reproducing flea eggs from hatching.