Mice are small animals belonging to the family of rodents. They have a protruding snout, sensitive ears and a long tail. Since they have a poor eyesight, mice are gifted with highly sensitive ears and a great sense of smell. This helps them to sense predators and smell food from far. 

Mice are mostly found in our homes and out in the fields. They are prone to danger from human beings, cats especially at home, dogs, snakes and preying birds like hawks. Due to this, they breed and multiply very fast to sustain their existence.

Mice are very intelligent creatures. As they build their homes out in the field, they burrow many tunnels to confuse their predators.

Mice are known to be one of the most destructive animals despite their size. Some of the damages caused by mice include:

  1. Crop Damaging

Mice eat grains like wheat, maize and rice. Farmers incur massive losses in their farms caused by these tiny animals. 

  1. Structural Damage

Mice eat timber used to erect wooden houses hence weakening such structures. Ones they enter our homes, they destroy furniture like tables, couches. They also eat cushions, clothes and grains stored in our homes.

  1. Human Accidents

Tiny holes made by mice sometimes on our wooden floors can sometimes cause fatal accidents. These accidents can be expensive to treat and they interfere with our daily schedules.

  1. Diseases

Mice carry some parasites with them like fleas. They spread around such parasites increasing the number of pests in our surroundings. Studies show that breathing dust contaminated with excretion from mice might lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Disinfecting our environment helps in keeping such diseases at bay.

  1. Economic damages

When mice feed on grains at the fields, destroy buildings and furniture or passes some diseases to humans, all this costs money. With the hard economic times, it’s important to take some control measures and curb these animals.