Rats can easily enter your house through small cracks and holes. They can also manage their way into your home through pipelines. These rodents and vermin are disease-carriers and that’s why it is very important to get rid of them immediately. The rats and mice make a mess in your house by leaving urine and excrements all over the place. Once they are inside your house, these dirty creatures will keep wandering in your house looking for food. 

Problems Caused by Rats 

These rats could dip in the food that is left on the table. Without knowing, you might eat food that is already contaminated by these rats. Although you make sure that your food is safe in food shelves, you are still not safe from the disease that these rats spread. These animals can make contact with all the things in your house from kitchen utensils to furniture and so forth, spreading germs and bacteria all over your house. And because of these rats, your health will be in danger.

Aside from spreading germs and bacteria, these rats will damage your electronic device and other household equipment. Mice and rats nibble everything that blocks their way. They will gnaw on the wire cables of your television making it unusable and do damage to your plastic containers, and make holes in your clothes. Letting these rats stay in your house for long will cost you a lot of money.


One of the effective ways of getting rid of mice and rats in a natural way is by having a cat in your house. Cats are the number one predator that rats and mice fear. However, if you don’t want to have a headache of having a pet in your house you can still buy rat repellents to drive away these pests from your house. There are certain types of repellents that emit the smell of cats that makes mouse and rats go away thinking that a cat is around.

There are also repellents that are safe to use and eco-friendly. These repellents don’t use toxic and poisonous substances since it uses organic herbs. By spraying this in your house you will not only drive away the rats but also bring fragrance to your home. The organic herb of the repellents produces a mint flavour that maintains the freshness of your home.

With the aid of repellents, you can rid of these pests in a safe and eco-friendly way. You can browse the internet or contact the pest control companies to be inquired about the proper way of dealing with these unwanted creatures.