Rodents like mice and rats crawling around in your walls and attic eating your food and spreading disease throughout your house? Call us today for professional rodent pest control services.

Among the most embarrassing situations is to wake up in the morning, take a shower ready for an appointment just to realize that your preferred attire for the day has been ruined by rodents.

Rodents are creatures of the classification Rodentia portrayed by a pair of constantly growing incisors in both the upper and lower jaws. It is evident that the rodent population is increasing with many cases of domestic infestation been reported.

Many take it for granted when they see mice and rats in buildings, offices and homes. They assume that rats and mice can easily be eradicated through use of traps and poison. They forget that the assumption is when there are only two or three rats to deal with.

It is a necessity to improve our homes as a way of fighting rodents breeding in our homes. Rodents can cause excessive damages and even death if life control measures are not taken. The damages that rodents cause include termination, wastage, health problems and damage to materials and property. Rodents invade all the things that appear in their way. They contaminate food, containers and damage the materials that are used for food packaging. A ceiling is expensive to construct. Nevertheless, rodents tear it up, as well as some modern walls while building nests. Many cases have been reported of rats destroying electrical wires exposing human and proper to destruction.

Apart from the non-living things, rodents also cause damage to human health and other animals. They are responsible for spreading several illnesses to human beings and livestock. Rodents spread illnesses include plague, leptospirosis, salmonella sis, rat bite just to mention a few. They transmit the diseases through urine, faeces and bites.

Rodents are organisms that can cause harm and unnecessary expenses to human life. It is about time that human should take modern control measures to control rodents. It will reduce risk, hospital bills, loss of life and destruction of property.