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Ants are common and dangerous pests in or around today’s home. Even though they are social insects, ants can end up causing a lot of damage in your home. The workers vary in sizes and the behaviors also differ depending on the species of the ant.

The same variation can be said about the colors of the ants. They can be red yellow, brown, black or a combination of both colors. The males and the queens are responsible for the reproduction. In terms of size, the male ants are larger compared to the workers. The queens are the largest and measure twice the size of the worker. Immediately after mating, the queens dispose off their wings but can still live for a number of years.

If you spot swarming winged ants inside the house, it is a clear indication that there are ants nearby. Ants love places such as rotting wood, tree stumps and in moist places.

The presence of ants in homes should not be condoned under any circumstances. Apart from the health risk, ants also cause damage to property at home.

Homeowners must use the right methods to eradicate ants from homes. One can opt to hire professional services to get the best results if individual efforts are not enough.

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